Marilina Marino


Marilina Marino was born in Palermo on 1992, September 24th. When she was a child, she began to tread the stages performing some dance performances. She began acting at her high school at the age of 14 and, from there, she attended schools and acting workshops in her hometown, Palermo. When she was 19 she moved to Rome, where she trained at Beatrice Bracco's Acting Training, when Beatrice Bracco was still alive. Later, he will make a workshop on the Commedia dell'Arte of the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art, in Milan, and an Acting Laboratory at the Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia. In addition, he also studies Dubbing with Dante Biagioni, Antonio Palumbo and Nino D'Agata. In 2016, she founded his cultural association, "Mamà Mamò", on the occasion of the show "Il Campione e il Professore" by Massimo Morlando. In 2017, she won a scholarship funded by the Italian Council of Ministers Presidency, to study Theater at the Potlach International Theater and to form an entrepreneurial startup, in particular a self-financed theater company. During this training course she founded the social promotion association "I Margini" together with Dalila Forcina, Erica Polegri, Stefano Cane and Debora Colombo. With them, she will do the show "Sirene" that will present on tour. She works a lot at the theater, on TV and in the Cinema... She made her debut with the film "Una carezza di vento" directed by Pino La Face and then worked with various directors, including Marco Bellocchio in his "Il traditore". She is one of the favorite actresses of Eckhart Schmidt, his muse, with whom he will make several experimental films. In addition, she has held small roles on TV: for "Don Matteo 10" directed by Jan Michelini, in "L'isola di Pietro" directed by Umberto Carteni.


Nome del Film Data di uscita
“CINEMA IN PIAZZA” Il traditore 01/01/1970